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Dark Souls T-Shirt Now Out on the Psycho Store!

    You know what the most wonderful thing about a gaming t-shirt is: You don’t need to beat a game to be eligible for donning a t-shirt with its motifs. And that is just fantastic. No loyalty checks, no need to prove your gamer-cred, none of

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7 Best Games Of The Year – 2016 Edition

7 seems like an odd number of games to pick for a list, doesn’t it? Well everyone’s doing a Top 10 and Top 5 can lead to a lot of fights, so 7 it is. Shall we begin… 7. Grow Up (Playtime – 7 hours)


Most Anticipated Games of Fall 2016

Gears of War 4 (PC, X1) – October 11 A famous/infamous games media personality once described Gear of War as : “a real game, for real men, about a real war, with real guns.”  And the fourth game in the series seems true to that description. Recently

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Top 20 Video Game Soundtracks – Part 2

We are back with Part-2 of our top video game soundtrack list. Do check out the Part-1 of the series here Top 20 Video Game Soundtracks Part 1 Tracks mentioned are in general random order, so without any further delay, let the music play. Hotline Miami (Electronic) There

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Top 20 Video Game Soundtracks Part 1

Here at Psycho Realm, we are not just about playing games, and rightfully so, I believe. We live in a world where due to the return of pixels, the ‘graphics debate’ has been rendered moot. Theme music and soundtracks play an increasingly pivotal role in making a

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Best Games of 2016 so far…

It is July of 2016 already and half a year has passed since ‘that’ night when you drank too much and made a resolution the very next day: never to repeat. In this short/long passage to time tons of games have come, but only a