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Understanding the art of being remarkable

This is not a post about being remarkable in life or some self help kind of advice, this is something that will make you realize how you can perceive the word “remarkable” a bit differently and more importantly how you can utilize that perception in

Star Wars t shirt india

Is the force on your side?

Since the dawn of time, we all have been longing to get the force on our side. But not everyone has the skills necessary to attain it or let us say that we are lacking our own Yoda, who can teach us the necessary skills to get the force

what is your gaming iq

What is your Gaming IQ?

Time for a reality check. So, you call yourself a gamer? Well, then go on take this trivia quiz and get the results for yourself. We will be coming up with ton of new quizzes every week to keep all of you happy and to keep you Gaming