The curious case of the missing text

Disclaimer : The following story is based on real life programming incidents.

I believe that we programmers have quite a number of stories inside us that needs to be shared with the world. Stories about our programming adventures, our bug hunt stories, the obstacles that we face and how we overcome them. From now on I will make an effort to write down my mind as much as possible.

Now if you are a programmer, I am sure you must have faced quite a number of face palm moments yourself. Instances where you can go crazy while hunting down those pesky and annoying little bugs, only to find out that the solution was right in front of you. This is one of those incidents.

I was coding the cheat code part of the website, where, when you apply a cheat code in the cart and a confirmation pop up would come to notify you if the code has been successfully applied or not. Pretty straightforward stuff, use a simple Modal, pass on the text to it, set it’s trigger point and then voila! it shows up. Yes indeed it showed up, but without any text,  just a plain pop-up.

So this went on for almost 2 hours, I tried everything I could,  but the text won’t show up. For all the programmers reading this out there, you know how simple it is to check in the web if something is there or not, right? Well it turned out that the text was there all right, but not visible on the pop-up. A lot of things were going through my head, but none seemed to be the solution or the cause of the problem. It looked something like this

cofee stats programming tshirts infia

So finally frustrated, I took a break and yes you guessed it right, went straight for coffee. Caffeine is considered to be the brain food among a lot of programmers. As I was sipping my coffee and thinking about the issue, this screen was in front of me

coffee stats programming t shirts india

There, right there I had it all figured out, everything was right there in front of me and I was cursing myself like anything. So any astute reader out there noticed what I was missing? Comment down below if you realized my mistake by now. For everyone else, this was the issue that I was banging my head against.

text found

The text was right there, it was always there, right in front of me. The issue was that the site’s theme was dark with white colored text. But obviously white text won’t be visible on white colored pop-up right?

Such a face palm moment for me. Quickly changed the color to black in the css for the modal and the problem was resolved.

problem solved

Though I will never know what actually made me realize my blunder, but I guess caffeine had a huge part to play there. Coffee indeed increases our overall stats.

We would love to hear your face palm moments as well. Let us know in the comments below if you have an interesting story to share.


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  • Animikh Mukherjee

    wow okay… so that old school 8-bit-graphic, Blue-coloured coffee tee was based on a personal incident? Cool…

    all this only makes me happy, at how “human” and personal your t-shirt ideas are.

    keep it up, you good soul…

    PS: I’m still buying the Saitama tee B)