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psycho store at comic con mumbai

Psycho Store At Comic Con India

Comic Con India Fever 101 Yes, we know it’s been quite some time since we updated our highly ignored Psycho Realm (we try, believe us) or even released any new designs also (we do listen to your requests, believe us). It’s just that we have

Psycho Store gaming anime t shirt packaging

Psycho Store Packaging v2.0

The packaging tubes were about to get over and I needed to get new tubes manufactured pretty quickly. The old ones had the tagline “Stuff for gamers and geeks”, but in between we changed our tagline to “Satisfy your inner geek!”, which we feel describes

cofee stats programming tshirts infia

The curious case of the missing text

Disclaimer : The following story is based on real life programming incidents. I believe that we programmers have quite a number of stories inside us that needs to be shared with the world. Stories about our programming adventures, our bug hunt stories, the obstacles that we face

star wars programming t shirts india

Understanding the art of being remarkable

This is not a post about being remarkable in life or some self help kind of advice, this is something that will make you realize how you can perceive the word “remarkable” a bit differently and more importantly how you can utilize that perception in