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PsychoStore’s Top 7 Games of 2017

[Note: If the header image piqued your interest in checking this GOTY list out, let me burst your bubble right here… all of the games in the header are honorable mentions for me, none make it to the prestigious 7… For real though 2017 was

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Dark Souls T-Shirt Now Out on the Psycho Store!

    You know what the most wonderful thing about a gaming t-shirt is: You don’t need to beat a game to be eligible for donning a t-shirt with its motifs. And that is just fantastic. No loyalty checks, no need to prove your gamer-cred, none of

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7 Best Games Of The Year – 2016 Edition

7 seems like an odd number of games to pick for a list, doesn’t it? Well everyone’s doing a Top 10 and Top 5 can lead to a lot of fights, so 7 it is. Shall we begin… 7. Grow Up (Playtime – 7 hours)


Most Anticipated Games of Fall 2016

Gears of War 4 (PC, X1) – October 11 A famous/infamous games media personality once described Gear of War as : “a real game, for real men, about a real war, with real guns.”  And the fourth game in the series seems true to that description. Recently

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Top 20 Video Game Soundtracks – Part 2

We are back with Part-2 of our top video game soundtrack list. Do check out the Part-1 of the series here Top 20 Video Game Soundtracks Part 1 Tracks mentioned are in general random order, so without any further delay, let the music play. Hotline Miami (Electronic) There

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Top 20 Video Game Soundtracks Part 1

Here at Psycho Realm, we are not just about playing games, and rightfully so, I believe. We live in a world where due to the return of pixels, the ‘graphics debate’ has been rendered moot. Theme music and soundtracks play an increasingly pivotal role in making a

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Best Games of 2016 so far…

It is July of 2016 already and half a year has passed since ‘that’ night when you drank too much and made a resolution the very next day: never to repeat. In this short/long passage to time tons of games have come, but only a