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Comic Con India Fever 101

Yes, we know it’s been quite some time since we updated our highly ignored Psycho Realm (we try, believe us) or even released any new designs also (we do listen to your requests, believe us). It’s just that we have been highly occupied with Comic Cons, one after another starting from Mumbai, Bangalore and ending finally in Delhi. After some much required friends and family time and missing our flight, we finally were able to touch base on 18th Dec. So I just though we should update our fans on how our past few months have been and what fun statistics we have deduced from attending the comic cons. Here are some quick facts to satisfy your inner geek:

First of all we got amazing response, much much better than we anticipated, so thanks a lot for all your support. These facts and figures are derived from the sales we had and from our interactions with the fans there and their requests.

psycho store at comic con mumbai

1. Top 5 selling designs

It’s probably a no brainer that our Goku Kame Symbol t-shirt won hands down irrespective of the place. Seems like Goku is indeed the idol of a lot and lot of people, followed by the Pikachu tee, which a lot of females were excited about. So the top 5 designs are :
1. Goku Kame Symbol
2. Pika Pika
3. Star Wars Force Awakens
4. OK.
5. Bite de_dust = Kamui Mangekyo Sharingan = Witcher White Wolf (almost equal)

If you are wondering what about charmander, then yes it got almost equal amount of love but only in Mumbai. Rest of the designs were also pretty well received but I guess they come into a very niche category and not everyone can spot or understand their importance.

2. The age old battle of Dota and CS

Although we didn’t have any dota related tees, but clearly Mumbai wins in the Dota section and Delhi is heavily influenced by CS:GO. We got a lot and lot of Dota reuqests in Mumbai while absolutely none in Delhi and saw the highest sales for our CS tees in Delhi only. Bangalore remains a neutral ground for both in our opinion.

3. Gaming Section

Delhi seems to be the winner in this section as we felt that the gaming population were a bit on the higher side compared to other places, especially the CS fans, maybe we would have done better in Mumbai if we had some Dota designs which we will definitely be launching soon. So,

Delhi > Bangalore > Mumbai (all three were neck to neck)

3. Anime section

It’s a little tough to find the winner here, so we think its kind of a tie between Mumbai and Bangalore with the title leaning a bit more towards Bangalore.

Bangalore = Mumbai > Delhi

We felt Delhi’s anime population was somewhat less compared to Bangalore and Mumbai. But Delhi sure made up with a lot of demand related to gaming designs. Just to cite an example our one piece wanted posters got over in the first 5 hours in Banglore while they took 3 days to get over in Delhi with almost the same quantity. In anime , nothing beats Goku, literally nothing. We got a lot of requests for one piece designs also, so we will efinitely be bringing them in pretty soon. So it’s

Goku > ( Naruto = One Piece ) > OPM

Apart from that the famous ones we got requests for were Tokyo Ghoul, Bleach and of course Attack On Titan.

4. The Female Geeks

While the male ratio was pretty much the same everywhere, no surprises there. In the females department Mumbai girls clearly rock the stage, it was pretty damn clear that Mumbai has a lot more female population who is interested in anime stuff in particular. We heard the highest number of screams from girls after seeing our catalog in Mumbai only and definitely all of them were damn interested in the pika pika design. Bangalore had it’s fair share but it was still pretty less than Mumbai, while Delhi was ok-ish, not much girls there got enthusiastic about the stuff, at least not as much as Mumbai. So yes, Mumbai girls are clearly a lot more geeky than the rest.

Mumbai > Bangalore > Delhi

5. Cosplays

Well to be honest, we were always occupied in our own stall so could not take out much time to experience the awesome cosplays that artists have worked on. But from whatever small glimpses we caught and the rumors we heard, we think we can rank the states as follows :

Bangalore > Mumbai > Delhi

6. The Overall Winner

Though we had out of the world experience in all three events, but to sort them out in terms of sales, then Bangalore is the clear winner.

Bangalore > Delhi > Mumbai

The reason we felt for this was that Bangalore and Delhi had a more proportionate amount of sales mong different designs. Although the pareto’s law always applies, 80% of our sales comes from 20% of the designs. But the gap in the numbers were not that huge in Bangalore and Delhi. In the case of Mumbai, once the top designs went out of stock the sales got somewhat low.

Also, if you are one of the crazy psychos who met us at the event and is also reading this now, give us a shout out in the comments below. We would love to hear from you awesome folks.

As to our upcoming plans for 2017, it’s going to legen ‘wait for it’ dary.


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