Psycho Store Packaging v2.0

The packaging tubes were about to get over and I needed to get new tubes manufactured pretty quickly. The old ones had the tagline “Stuff for gamers and geeks”, but in between we changed our tagline to “Satisfy your inner geek!”, which we feel describes our intentions more clearly, the reason we started everything in the first place, to feed the geek inside us. At first I thought I will just change the tagline and do some minor tweaks and be done with it. Also the reason being that I needed to place the order pretty quick, if I wanted to avoid being left without any packaging tubes. There was literally nothing much in my head as to how to improve on it. Also, people were loving our unique packaging tubes so I didn’t feel the need to change it. At the time it looked something like this


The time was around 3:30 am and suddenly something stuck me, I remembered my days in Ubisoft, those good old days where I would be debugging code till 2-3 am in the night and would not be able to come up with the right solution, no matter how much head banging I do with the code. Feeling lost I would call it a day leave for home, only to keep my asynchronous part of the brain working on the solution while I would either walk back home or ask for lift (yes, I actually used to do it and even get lifts at 3-4 am). But the real magic would happen next day in the morning where I would sit down to debug and everything will be crystal clear to me and the solution right in front of me. This time around I thought of doing the same thing i.e to get up from my laptop and go to sleep (not go out and ask for lift, my bed is right beside my laptop). Just as predicted magic happened the next morning. As I sat in front of my laptop, ideas started flowing in. Following is a summary of what went inside my head.

1. Ok, so what is that one thing that people really really love and appreciate about us? The handwritten note, yes the personalisation. The human touch that I put into each shipment. Ok so need to improve on it.

2. No idea where this came from, but yes comic books are something every geek is aware of and the distinct art style and font that it carries. Should think something in those lines.

2. So when someone orders its like a journey that we are taking together, no not a journey, but an adventure, oh wait Something like ‘The Adventures of Batman and Robin’. How about something like The adventures of Psycho Store and the person’s name. Awesome idea, but not doable. Oh wait, why not, I write persons name on the sticky note inside the package, then why can’t I write it outside with a marker. Oh wait, better to make it into a comic book style with comical fonts and comic book kind of layout. So all I need to do is keep the place where I am supposed to write the person’s name empty. So it will be like The adventures of psycho store and (empty space). OMG, this is an epic idea, need to implement this. It takes the personalisation level to over 9000.

So I started working on it, made a simple layout, got some comic book style bubbles. Some more brainstorming and I had finalised what all information I needed to write on the shipment in a comic book format. Instead of adding seperate cards inside to prompt user to use the #psychofamous on instagram. I will just write it here, definitely should have more impact. Well in the end I would say I am pretty happy with the outcome and I am sure you guys would love it and share it on instagram to show us your support and love. Let us know your views on it. If you have any better ideas we might incorporate it in Psycho Store packaging v3.0.

In the end it turned out something like this


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  • Animikh Mukherjee

    Yo. I’m from West Bengal and I called you (probably that was you) earlier last evening.

    I have ordered the Saitama “OK” t-shirt…and am already excited…hope “our adventure” turns out well.

    Let’s just say that out of all the Geek Platforms online, you are the one with the most “heart”. All the personalization, wit/humor, great designs, and good taste in geekdom… keep this up, alryt? We Indians need a platform like this.

    May the force be with you too. 🙂

    • Yup, that was indeed me on the phone, thanks a lot man, really glad to know you liked the platform and yup we will definitely keep on making it even better.