Top 20 Video Game Soundtracks – Part 2

We are back with Part-2 of our top video game soundtrack list. Do check out the Part-1 of the series here

Top 20 Video Game Soundtracks Part 1

Tracks mentioned are in general random order, so without any further delay, let the music play.

Hotline Miami (Electronic)

There is something special about the music in Hotline Miama, it just blends so seamlessly with the trippy visuals, insanely fast gun fights (and re spawns) plus the overall environment and the gameplay. I still remember feeling so happy and high when I first heard Hydrogen track in the game, it was a tough level and the music just added to my adrenaline rush. Moon (music composer) did such an awesome job with the soundtrack that he was definitely there in the sequel as well. We have linked the full title tracks from Hotline Miami. Personal Favorites being Hydrogen, Crystals and Paris. Dust from Hotline Mimai 2.

Also being without lyrics, they are seldom on my playlist while I code.

Fallout New Vegas: Johny Guitar

There is literally just no way that these radio tracks won’t grow on you in the wasteland and so it happens with us. At least there is one thing that we will be sure of when an apocalypse hits us and that is which song to listen to.

Child of Light Coeur de Pirate


Bastion (Acoustic/Electronic)

Now this deserves a special mention, Darren Korb did such an awesome job with a very unique audio style for this game. Bastion  carries a very unique western style acoustic score mixed with occasional electronic beats. Though all the songs will capture your ears but we have linked our favorites down below.

Max Payne 2 Theme Music (Orchestra theme)

While creating a list of top video game soundtracks, how can this be left out. I still remember getting goose bumps while playing this game. It had such a dark and tense soundtrack with extremely beautiful piano tune in the background. This seldom makes its way to my playlists. The third sequel also had an awesome soundtrack at the end Max Payne 3 : Health Tears, it came during the final airport level. I remember getting so pumped up when it played in the background.

Halo : Combat Evolved OST (Orchestra theme)

Everyone needs to take a bow to this man Martin O’Donnell. If I had to chose one track from all the video games I have ever played, it had to be this one, this particular soundtrack just left me numb, that’s it I have no other words to describe it. For me it is the best out there.

Black Mesa : On a Rail 1 (Electronic)

Joel Nielson is the man behind these legendary soundtracks from Black Mesa. Though a lot of them are really really good, but there is something about this particular track that captures my attention. So it has to be there.

Prince of Persia Soundtrack (Metal)

There are few things in this universe that can give you the same pleasure as hacking/slashing up monsters in epic acrobatic style with Godsmack’s guitar riffs playing in the background. Oh also don’t forget that epic Dhaka tune which came up and we knew instantly that shit is about to get real. Just writing this makes me feel like starting this game up, putting my headphones and start slashing. Also who doesn’t want to see Kaileena again :p

Call of Duty : MW 2 Introduction (Orchestra theme)

The power this theme song brings in is unparalleled, literally the rise and fall of the music gets so intertwined with your emotions, that I personally use this a lot while coding and when I need to zone in.

So here it is guys, Part-2 of our Top 20 video game soundtrack list. We know we must have missed quite a few out there, but that is why you guys are there, Hit us in the comments below and let us know which ones are your favorites that needs to be in this list.

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