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Psycho store, in continuing it's vow to satisfy your inner geek brings you their collection of designer and unique coffee mugs to give your mundane mornings a geeky boost. Make sure taking a sip of your favorite drink is the first thing you do in the morning from your psycho store coffee mug. These high quality mugs are printed with uqniue designs from your favorite fandom ranging from everyones favorite animes like dragon ball z, one piece, naruto to everyones favorite games like cs go, dota, assassins creed, overwatch etc. For now we are focusing on the gaming anime and geek community of earth (other planets can wait for now). We will let you know when we start our inter-planetory logistic service.

So no matter where your heart belongs, we should have you covered and hey if not, just drop us a comment about your favorite game, anime or whatever and we will ask our wizardary artists to do their magic and get you a dose of your favorite fandom's merchandise. After all, that's what we are here for, to satify your inner geek!