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Kyle Reese -

This website is so fun !

Gravity Gun
This Is My Cake

rajkiller -

Awesome experience being first time here, looking to see how the execution happening. good luck


Akash Cherukuri -

Ngl, The best site that I've found. Although there aren't many designs, the few ones which are there are QUALITY. 5/5 would recommend to everyone. (Also, if you guys can reply, what's the font you've used throughout the site? Its REALLY GOOD, like seriously, amazing)

Black Mesa Research Facility
Fallout Nuka Cola
Whats The Report
S Power
Infinite loop

Quantum_Sid -

The first impression of the site was really good. I appreciate the dedication, Passion and effort that you guys put into designing this. Just one suggestion, I think the home screen could be improved by adding a search bar, Or you could just shift the "what do you like" button from Options tab to the home Screen directly. Also would be great to see more variety in products. I'm sure y'all are working hard to improve the site further, looking forward to coming back here .ATB Keep up the Good Work, Go Psycho!

Uchiha Crest

Rahul Tiwari -

Best designs, best experience, best tees. Did I miss anything? You guys rock The bomb has been planted!

Bite de_dust

nanditakrishnamurthy -

Love the products and convenient interface to shop. You should know that every time I have worn the Goku T-shirt (the same one I have ordered again here BTW) I have attracted envious looks and people have asked me where I got it from. Needless to say, I have promoted your site every time. 1. I wish there was a gift wrapping option while checking out, cause this order is a gift and I wanted to make it more excitable for the recipient. 2. I wish you would give an estimated delivery date after checkout. :)

Goku Saiyan Evolution
Goku Kame Symbol

Arpit Praviraj Singh -

You guys are doing a great job. But some things are missing big titles such as the My Hero Academia or Mob Psycho 100 or Psycho Pass or Code Geass merch I would really buy My Hero Academia or any of the above Title's T-shirt and they are also not very costly. They are some of the big attentions of the otaku community in India. I'll be really looking forward to merch from the above and I certainly know your business will grow from these additions.

RK J?. -

Psychostore I love your website working, keep it up and if possible can you please get some new designs? I'll love so the other customers. Happy Diwali

Infected Specimen

Nishi Diwan -

Damn good website with damn good stuff. Loved all that i bought and the whole experience in fact was lovely. These t-shirts are super cool. Amazing you guys. Keep up the good work! ????????

Pika Pika

Robin Sharma -

This is the best online clothing store i have encountered in my life. The UI ...oh god so goo. The UX ... oh god so simple. Everything fits so well just like the niche it caters for. Thanks for existing

Vegeta Final Flash
Luffys Evolution

amazinganjlz -

the website is designed so perfectly for comic fans! was a wonderful experience!

Goku Ultra Instinct

Aditya Patil -

Loved the UI and especially the Konami cheat code for discount! Nerd Power!????????


igamer_1990 -

So my hunt for gaming t-shirts ends finally at the awesome "Psycho Store". I'm so glad that I found what I needed to express my love for gaming. I love all the designs, they are really hardcore which I do not find elsewhere. Its beyond impressive that there is a store exclusive to gaming, many thanks :) Design: 5/5 Quality: 5/5 Price: 5/5 Delivery Time: 5/5

Arpit jain -

Was findin the tshirt for a long time. Finally found it. So glad to find it here at reasonable price !

Goku Kame Black
Goku Saiyan Evolution
Goku Kame Symbol

Nihal longkan -

The quality and product was really satisfactory.Thanks psycho store.


batuhangulergun@hotm -

Hey i live in turkey and i just wanted to say i love you! I can't even buy stuff from you but just the humor, style etc it is so me. Another good thing is the price since a dollar is 4 turkish liras i can't really buy anything abroad, i hope you can sell your stuff to other countries soon i would love to get em if the price won't change. -

Well your Goku tee really exceeded my expectations! Great work! The fabric's and printing quality is indeed smooth af! Thanks a lot physco store! I am going to workout in this tee! Peace.

Goku Kame Symbol

shivampancholi@gmail -

Great Collection. Looking for More designs in Witcher 3 and Overwatch universe. A Cirilla T-shirt would do wonders and so does a Mercy, ANA and Junkrat one. Keep up the good work.

Witcher White Wolf


Just one word....awesome!!

Invisble Wings Jersey
Choose Your Assassin

Vincent -

So, the last time I submitted feedvack, I said I would write again, when I received my order. Well, it's been a good couple of weeks since I received my order and I'm pleased to say that I am now in love with your brand. And it's not just me too. All my friends loved the shirts and will be picking up their own soon. Keep up the good work!!! Really love your tees!!! P.s.: The Saiyan Evolution shirt looks kicka** and I got me one :D

Goku Super Saiyan Blue
Goku Kame Symbol

Nisheet khare -

Vry much pleased....keep up the good work guys....this website is awesome...

God Mode Saiyan Prince

beast1999 -

this was my first order on Psycho Store and it exceeded all my expectations i bought the wild hunt tee.....loved it!! i also wanted to make an request can you add the elder scrolls merch i would love to have some Dovahkiin tees. thank you! loved the site awesome easter eggs everywhere

Goku Kame Symbol

vincent -

I love the designs y'all have to this site. I bought like 6 t-shirts my 1st time shopping here. Love the communication y'all have used throughout this site. It had me smiling all the way to checkout. I would like to see more designs, especially for Assassin's Creed and Dragonball (My 2 favourite franchises). Gonna wait to see the quality of the t-shirts. If it's as good as I think they will be, y'all will have gotten a new customer for life. Hope y'all have all the success in the world. CHEERS!!!!!

Goku Super Saiyan Blue
Goku Kame Symbol

rickchatterjee22@gma -

Well this is my first time here. Hoping for good. And that minions assemble shit was crazy. I like the way things are out here. And please get it on google play. It would be so damn easy. First order????

Pika Pika

flamingphoenix -

I had a really good experience, I ordered a coffee mug and was really impressed with the print quality. Hope to see more amazing stuff come up.

OK. -

Awesome concepts, really liked the User interface and the ease of payment.. Add some more material for us poor coders.

Star Wars Force Awakens

vineet -

hey. Been wanting this shirt ever since i first learned doing a kamehameha. my other shirt fabrics just wont take my new SS form and they tear and they burn. I hope this t shirt is strong enough to withstand long high gravity workouts and battles. it was beautiful walking through your realm but there are not much folks here, nor are there enough articles to purchase with my zeni. we need more loot. more women. more gold.

ImmatureGore -

Simple and Efficient. Razorpay really helps. Perhaps could get Paytm wallet integration in the future? Psychostore products are always top quality. Cheers, Dhruv

shatakship51096@gmai -

Shut up and lemme speak. First up, give yourself a big fat hug because Pokemon t-shirts?! Really???? Buy yourself some chocolate fudge and pay for it. Why? Because ofc I can't pay for it. Also, get loaded. I'm gonna be paying your lair frequent visits. And oh, can you please get some more old cartoon network gold cartoon network prints? Please? Pleeease??? Thanks in advance. Enjoy choco fudge.

sidonlyforyou@gmail. -

I had a very pleasant and refreshing experience at your website. Every little detail is intricately taken care of and adds to the cool factor for your website. You have some great designs, I just hope my product which is delivered is as cool as your website. Also, i wish you had more products. Thanks for the great experience! Siddhant Gupta

Bite de_dust

riya.singh_ug19@asho -


vinayakkapoor -

Great idea and execution! You truly have a great market ahead in the coming years....... Do keep on increasing your designs. Eagerly waiting for your mobile app!

sumeshtheonly@gmail. -

Products are less but awesome. My salute to the guy who wrote the Website content. humor is excellent.

shaurya -

first time i am trying this. i came o know of this website through a friend, i have a few suggestions more variety is needed many of the items were out of stock marketing is needed, as psychostore is not that famous right now i still believe you guys have the potential to make it big, keep doing the good work, god bless you

dragonfist453 -

Amazing site !! Loved the shirts i ordered , excellent design . But please introduce more products and hoodies... Assassins creed hoodies will be REALLY REALLY cool.. Thanks for making this site and giving hope to indian gamers.

Joseph Joji -

You guys have amazing products, but my only problem is they're not enough. I mean we need more geeks and nerds on this website for sure. :)


ankandas2222@gmail.c -

The nuka cola tee is just great. Also bring in some borderlands design.I'll buy it for sure! And don't forget to add some more stuff to the counter strike section too. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd add some good tees in the assassin's creed section too.It doesn't look appealing enough tbh. Well that's all(probably more than I can expect one to pull off) folks.

Devo -

I am really impressed. I just got my first t-shirt from here and honestly i was expecting an average quality t shirt but man am i glad my expectations were shattered. such good quality! i also love the personalized touch these guys have given to even the communication emails! they are so funny and nice to read that it brightens my day! This website is easily one of my favourites and i WILL order from here again soon. i can tell a lot of love and dedication has gone into this website. keep it up!

saurabh.akre@gmail.c -

You guys are doing a great job, we need more stores like the one u have to offer, it's really hard to find good anime/cartoon t-shirts in India which provide us with good quality. It would be awesome if you come up with more products from other famous 90s cartoons and animes. Kudos to you guys. Kakarot (that's what I call myself on every game/social media site????) -

Amazing collection, looking forward to come back to psycho store. if you can get a rick and morty shirt,that be insane, thanks guys.keep up the great work. -

Amazing site! Just add more t-shirts and sizes and voilĂ ! Best online T-shirt store were!

codename.zapper@gmai -

The humor everywhere is the best!

neel -

You guys have created an awesome web site. 10/10 for that; mind blown. This is the site that every youth and gamer loves, awesome work on designs as well. You can always keep on adding new stuff. If you need a lending hand with designer; would be more than happy to help and don't worry i won't charge you for that. :) Kudos to your work. May this venture be a big success. Regards Neel

theindiannoob -

The interface is a breeze to move through. and the choices are limited (for now) but very thoughtful. I would prefer if they would add the XXL sizes to the list as well.

Goku Kame Symbol
Master Chief

Benish Augustine -

Dudeeeeee. You guys are awesome. Most definitely on the right track. Flood your design options a bit more and market market market! Especially with the way geekdom is coming up in India, y'all will do super good! Also, are y'all interested in hiring? Do let me know. Keep at this, good luck and God speed! -

One od the websites I've ever been to. That cheat code to get a discount, man! That's creavity. Just Awesome. Only Con is that there is less amount of things to buy. Damn it.

prateek gandhi -

I never knew such a site actually existed! I landed up on this site and i booked a tee in a couple of minutes without hesitation as if i was a robot; i blame the brilliant humor and sarcasm that goes with everything here. Just add some more of anime related tees and you're in my bookmarks! Cheers!

mayankered -

First thing first. it was timely delivered. secondly, Brilliant packaging with a SPECIAL NOTE INSIDE, jesus tap-dancing christ! i mean who does that in today's market?! You guys are truly special. hats off! Also, today is my 3rd day(without taking it off :P) wearing the 'diamond dogs' tees. i guess that's enough to express my love!! now, where are my discount codes? :P :)

Vishnu PRasad K -

Team, good job, A great site, nice way of getting the address (though the pin code was wrong :P). Awesome cheat codes :) PS: Looking for more collections, especially from Battlefield. ALL caps?! (I'm not screaming by the way)

Venkit -

hmm... I'm Just an average guy who serves as an average hero. Sexy tshirt, wanted this from a long time and found it only here. Cheers!!! P.S. Am waiting for my Goku T shirt (I've pre ordered as it was out of stock) pls pls pls put it on stock...

Karan -

Absolutely love the witcher t i bought from you guys.. fits me like a glove :D and the note inside the container was pretty awesome too! I wish you'd have a few tshirts from the dark souls franchise.. you can be assured il buy all of them :) thanks alot!

Shashank kumar -

Thanks physo-store & Nuka-cola bottlers for the awesome tee. I really enjoyed it (also bcoz it contains 50% less rad). Love to see more tees from fallout (may be a vault boy tee )

Pubg Squad

Yavisth -

Damn. In love with these tees. Awesome people, you are(master Yoda). Received myne today. Thank you.

Rakshith Anand -

Hi, First of all thank you for giving us some cool gaming t shirts! I recently got my order delivered. The t shirt is of Portal - Infinite Loop. What i would like to suggest is that, I feel the round neck is too small and it is not going well for my fitting although my overall size is fine :/ Please take a look into this for future or if possible if you can introduce v neck then it will be very good! Thanks, Rakshith

Niyojeet Shrirao -

Just received the white wolf tee from psychostore and this goes without saying that you guys are great . The size , fitting and te material of the tee is nothing but perfect. even the container in which it came is a good loot to keep safe . a 8/8 tee for me m8 the note was like a cherry on the cake , great service . thankyou guys will buy again :)


Medha -

Just received my order today and my level of satisfaction is over 9000. Got all three of my shirts and they are awesome, just as shown on the website. The material of the shirt is too good. I really like the fitting, also the containers in which the shirts were packed is very nice I just love those little containers. Thanks for the note it is very innovative. Kudos to you.

maanini shetty -

i got my t-shirt and loved the packaging and the tee as well. the note really puts a personal touch on it :')please free the minions. also, would love to have a special date with condinpsycho(yes I'm a girl), however i don't think my boyfriend will be too happy about it, but then again, he doesn't make such cool merc. P.S I ususally never give feedback because it's too much effort, but you guys and the minions deserve it. Anyway, thanks again :) P.P.S Plkease free the minions.

Georgina -

By far the best experience in online shopping. Received it on the day of my order itself and the dudes at this joint are truly hospitable and courteous. Will certinally be back here...hungry for more! P.S: Loved the dbz tee, reasonable and yet stands out from the rest. Also the packaging is topnotch ! these guys really run the whole 9 yards in making their customers happy. -

I still dont know how well your service or quality will be ... But if it pleases me u sure will get a positive review and i will also make ur website common among my geeky friends

Anish deshmukh -

Great website.. Really impressed. Hope the delivery is as good as I am expecting it to be. Looking forward for more designs and more nerdy stuff. Great work !! Cheers :)

Vasu Mahesh -

Could Improve your UX of the Website. Also Add more Variants. I'm a Dota 2 Fan. Would love to see more content for Dota 2 <3.

Zed10 -

I think i love you guys! hope you guys come up with more cool stuff and as always ... may the force be with you... Peace out Zohra

Teesta Banerjee -

I really really loved the one punch man tee. Definitely feeling the saitama attitude xD thanks for the cute little note. Loved the packaging too. Definitely gonna buy more merchandises. Can we have some mirai nikki and attack on titan tee shirts too? Thank you :)

czle -

great quality, nice prints! Overall a very nice product. p.s: not a fan of minions.

Kanishka -

Hey, Recently got the "Look a me still talking when there are bugs to fix" tee. Thanks for the awesome Tee and especially for the lil note inside. I request you guys to do a rick and morty tee if possible. Keep up the good work. Kanishka

Dota Storm Spirit
Skyrim Dragonborn
Dota Ember Spirit

satvik -

Amazing designs. Also really cool website. Will definitely buy more tees in the future. Also...pleeeaaasee make a metal gear tee. I'll buy that in a heartbeat.

Sacheth Shetty -

It's a really cool t-shirt. need more options for t's from you guys would be great!!!

Parikshit Saraswat -

Great quality and incredibly fast delivery. The packaging was quite unique. Good Work !

Adnan Shaikh -

Great stuff guys! Would've loved to see some Metal Gear Solid t-shirts :)

saif jafri -

Hey guys il say good work got my Dota tee and it is really nice liked the idea of a personalized

Anirudha -

HEY guys! What's up? I'm here to tell you that you guys are doing fabulous work by giving us cool (As well as Awesome Fantastic Premium) T-shirts with A Fantastic Service (Including Cash On Delivery). Really love all of those T-shirts and soon I'll be Invading them all. And keep adding more and more awesome stuffs! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU…

Kevin -

My akatsuki tshirt is as good as it looks on the product page! premium material, feels good to wear, and looks badass! Thanks, minions!

Shreya Haldar -

Got my Goku Tee & I am loving it ! It's exactly the same what I saw here. awesome print & comfortable. My mother loved the note & me too........ Keep rocking psycho store :D

Steve watson -

It's finally here! I love Anime and have been longing to gift myself a tee for a while now. And what better way than a dbz shirt to begin with? Found the right tee at the psychostore. And it was totally worth it! Love the material, packaging and the neat little note on the side! :) it's a perfect fit! thank you minions! Job well done! :D

Yogeesha -

Hi, This was my first purchase in psycho store. You guys are really awesome. I like the way you communicate with the customers. I like the emails. I am fully satisfied with the product and the delivery. And please free the minions... They are really cool... Thank you Yogeesha

Darpan -

These are some pretty funky shirts, go ahead and free those minions! Also, i hope you guys add an expanded, ultra-geeky/gamer-heavy selection(maybe some Alan Moore stuff too, just for kicks)!

Pratik Dey -

Awesome shirt, awesome quality! Printing and material is top notch. Received the order in 2 days. Looking forward to buying more soon! Keep up the good work. You guys are gonna be big.

Goku Kame Black
One Up T Shirt -

Great stuff,great designs, superb quality... all at a good price ! What can be more better than this for us gamin psychos.. :D ! Loved both the tshirts that i bought from you Psycho store , and will be ordering more :D And yeah, hats off to the delivery service, got it on time despite the rains. Plus the packaging was creatively different. You guys at psycho store are awesome. :D and gotta mention, i got your note, & it did make me smile. Thanks for that. You may free the minions now :D

Rajesh Poyera -

Awesome design. I loved it very much.

Amjad -


Gravity Gun
S Power
Infinite loop

Ishu -

Got my Half-Life Gun T-shrt just now...!! M not a gamer but this Tshrt is just lovely.. The stuff is good and the print is just awesome.... Bring more colors and more designs as well.. I think m gonna fill my wardrobe with these cool psychostore tshrts no

Goku Saiyan Evolution
Kakashis Chidori
Too Much Caffeine
Goku Kame Symbol

Neil Alva -

I'm glad that I finally found the right site for nerdy merchandise. I hope you guys get popular soon. For the Portal shirt I ordered, it's just right. The sizing was as described, the print and material seems top notch. Delivery within 3 days. THE PACKAG

Gravity Gun

Syed Abbas -

Loved the shirts, both the material and print quality is very good. The delivery was prompt and the packaging was cool. What i loved the most was the personal note:-)


I love your web site design and the content! the text content :D I also love your packaging and the fact that i got my order within four hours of ordering. great job! I want some more t shirt designs though. i want t shirts on aoe &more; coder t shirts.

deepak -

Hi, Please include some more designs regarding more games like shadow of mordor, some indie games too to increase and support indie games :) thanks deepak

Parag -

Really amazing designs. If you could please make some battlefield tshirts that would be great as we cant find anything in indian stores.

Maxwell -

It would be great if Psycho Store began shipping Internationally. I really like your current selection of products, and would love to see some Zelda themed t-shirts in the future!

sauravvinocha -

Nice place to buy COOL stuff. The entire theme is about mission games don't you like racers :/ ... The best part is, buying stuff on this portal is as easy as a knife on butter. **KEEP ROCKING.**

gamer -

Finally a nice gaming merchandise site. So happy with it. Anyways can you please get Assassins creed designs. i love that game

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