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Interview with Psycho Store founder Ishkaran Singh :

Gaming accessories are tough to come by in India and importing them usually costs a lot more than what my meager wallet can bear. So when I first met Psycho Store's founder, Ishkaran Singh, his idea for bringing in gaming merchandise and accessories to India excited me, especially so considering it wasn't burning a hole in my wallet! A couple of months later, I had another chance to meet Ishkaran, but this time I had a pen and paper.

Read on for his experiences in gaming and his steps to becoming a brand owner! Read more

LXG TV India

Interview with Ishkaran Singh from Psycho Store at VGF 16 Pune :

So the good guys at LXG TV India (League of extraordinary gamers), quite an extraordinary name for sure, interviewed us at Video Game Fest 16 Pune where we discussed what we do, why we do it and how we will be taking it forward to the next level.


We Take A Look At Psycho Store: An Online Store To Satisfy One's Inner Geek

It's really surprising how these little, tiny things that they do (also like writing an unconventional confirmation email) makes you feel that they genuinely care about what they are doing here and I believe that touch needs to come back to e-commerce startups in order for them to find their niche in this overcrowded market. Read more

Indian Noob

Psychostore :: Where Gamers go to buy T-shirts

This is what I think separates Psychostore from the crowd. Right from the time, when you open the Psychostore webpage, the subtle nods to various anime, video-games, tech-crunch and movies is evident. Read more