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Be a codemonk. Code just like an oldmonk would.

Be a codemonk. Code just like an oldmonk would.

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Product Description

Behold the almighty header file that can solve all compiler or linker errors, even track down those pesty memory leaks or those multithreading deadlocks. this header file has it all. Any damn kind of error and you know what to do, right? just include this header file and your code will run all neat and clean.
But wait, we thought, what about real life problems like gf/bf issues, financial issues, family issues etc etc? What if we can include this header file in real life as well and solve all those bugs as well? And here we are with this almighty tshirt to solve all our bugs and problems in real life as well.
Be a codemonk, code your life just like an oldmonk would.

Do let us know what kind of bugs this header file solved for you in the comments below.

This programming t shirt is screen printed on a 100% cotton black colored psycho store tshirt.

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