Black Mesa Research Facility 699

"Good morning and welcome to the black mesa transit system. Please wear this t-shirt at all times while handling any hazardous materials for your own safety." - Black mesa announcement system.

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Product Description

After the infamous black mesa incident, we were approached by the black mesa management to create a special tee which would protect the scientists in case a similar incident was to happen again (and we were thinking "yeah right as if you really care about the scientists, we know what you did back then").
But anyway business is business, so we accepted the offer, they obviously gave us some special chemical and xen substances to integrate in the t-shirt using which we made this half-life t-shirt which is in front of you.

With much effort and special thanks to our business dev team we struck a deal with them where in we got the liberty to provide it to all our fans as well, just in case the next incident was to happen on a much larger scale (see how much we care about you guys).
Do wear this black mesa t-shirt at all times while handling any kind of hazardous materials.

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This Half-life inspired gaming t shirt is screen printed on a 100% cotton white colored psycho store t shirt.

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