Luffys Gatling Gun 499

"gommu gommu no gatling" - Monkey D. Luffy. Grab this one piece coffee mug with one of the most inconic attack from everyone's favorite straw hat man.

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Product Description

Honestly, there have been countless instances where I wished I had this gatling gun power of luffy at my disposal, times when you just cannot control your rage and feel like punching endlessly. So when introducing the one piece design for the first time I knew that it had to somehow give me this ability.
Following are just some of the situations where this t shirt can be useful for you :

1. Losing a fifa match or ball hitting the goal post again and again.
2. Your team mates playing shit in counter strike / dota.
3. Your boss/client talking non sense and not making any sense.
4. Not able to find that one annoying bug no matter how much you debug.
5. Video keeps buffering while watching your favorite thing.
5. Getting killed because of lag.

Design By Anwesha Pradhan.

Let us know in the comments below about more situations where you might prefer to use this attack.

This one piece anime coffee mug is digitally printed using alien technology.

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