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Is that bug fixed?

Is that bug fixed?

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You do one more edit and you are sure the bug is solved, you hit F5, compiling ... linking .. and boom the program starts, but damn the bug is still there. You get up from your seat longing for some brain food(caffeine), frustrated but still thinking about the flow of the code and where its going wrong, you move towards coffee machine and there they are, your friends talking about the pc launch of GTA V and their current progress in Witcher 3 and suddenly your train of thought gets derailed and you start asking "Whats the fps? whats the resolution? blah? blah?" and when you again get wired-in with your brain food(caffeine) in your hand, you know how fucked up you are, now that you have to get that derailed train of thought back on track again. You sigh! and start again.
But you know what, all this could have been avoided if only you were to wear this magical tshirt. This tshirt creates an invisible barrier around you and prevents any distracting thoughts to enter your mind, so you can keep focusing on your code. We desperately needed one so we made one for ourselves and you of course.

added benefits include but not limited to :
1. Motivates you beyond power level 9000 when you look at yourself in the mirror.
2. Keeps useless people away, can be used as a sign for others to let them know that you are on a serious bug hunt.
3. Keeps your manager/lead happy that you are working on a bug.
4. Since you are solely focused on bug fixing, bug actually gets fixed from the root without causing any side bugs.
5. Greatly reduces your debugging time.
6. Most importantly, after having so many bug fixes to your credit, you get a good appraisal as well.

Let us know about your bug hunting experiences in the comments below and happy debugging.

This bug fixing programming t shirt is screen printed on a 100% cotton black colored psycho store tshirt.

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