S Power 699

Best power up in the history of video games. Period.

Best power up in the history of video games. Period.

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Product Description

If you can recognize this print, we have nothing but utmost respect for you. This thing right here is the reason for some of the most memorable memories of our childhood. Recall that invincible feeling that we felt on getting this S power, the feeling that there's no stopping us now. Lets get that adrenaline rush, that invincible feeling once again. Wear this s power tshirt in real life and pay your homage to one of the best game out there and once again, be invincible.

For those who missed out on this, well here's your chance to pay some respect to where it all began, Contra.

P.S : Those who thought this is some pixelated superman stuff, just letting you know our assassin minions are on their way.
Let us know in the comments below what you think about this power or any other power that you think is comparable to this.

This contra s power gaming t shirt is screen printed on a 100% cotton black colored psycho store tee.

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