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Cheers love! The tracer inspired overwatch t shirt is here.

Cheers love! The tracer inspired overwatch t shirt is here.

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After the tragic accident of the teleporting fighter plane, splitstream, everyone had lost hope for lena oxton aka tracer. Luckily she resurfaced few months back but that accident had already taken it's toll. It was difficult for her just to maintain her physical form in the present, she practically became a living ghost. We have winston to thanks for bringing stability to tracer and giving her the powers to zip through time.
But little did we know that winston is still working on ways to even enhance tracer's abilities and empower her even more.

We have reasonable reasons to believe that this design will be used to further enhance her powers and being the good guys we are, we decided to launch this design on our tees for all our fans and tracer's fans to wear and enhance their powers as well.

Design By Anwesha Pradhan.

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This overwatch tracer gaming t shirt is printed using direct to garment printing on a 100% cotton white colored psycho store t shirt.

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